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Record Cleaning Service

In-Store Premium Record Cleaning Service

Do you have a cherished record collection that you would like to be professionally cleaned? Introducing our new in-store record cleaning service.

We use Pro-Ject's flagship VC-S3 premium record cleaner, to deep clean your record(s)  

The new VC-S3 is a premium record cleaning machine with new superior features. Vinyl records need specific maintenance. Using a dry carbon brush to clean before playing a record is good at  removing dust and some static, but to effectively clean the grooves of a record you need to use a wet clean soulution. To achieve perfect cleaning you also need suitable cleaning fluid. Alcoholic cleaning fluids can destroy musical micro information in the grooves of a record. That‘s the reason why Pro-Ject designed their new eco-friendly non-alcoholic cleaning fluid called "Wash it 2". Pro-Ject's new Wash it 2 is a pre-mixed liquid, so you don‘t have to dilute the concentrate yourself anymore. This avoids acidentally using unsuitable tap water for mixing. With Wash it 2 Pro-Ject have optimized the cleaning performance again. The VC-S3 is very powerful and cleans records completely in one to two revolutions. 

£2 per record, or £3 including an anti-static record sleeve.

No appointment necessary, feel free to bring as many records as you would like, we don't currently have a limit.

Please feel free to contact us on the below details if you have any questions or if you would prefer to book a date and time.

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